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Putting It All to Work

Three interlocking gears

Throughout my time in the MDE program, I've been very focused on choosing projects and topics that are relevant to my work. My first semester followed quite a bit of discussion of competency-based education at UMUC, so I chose to explore the interaction of CBE with online learning theory. Later I chose projects related to faculty development in my department and program, and to online educational resources.

Over the past two years, I've delved into many work-related topics, without always finding the time to see how I can bring them to life at work. I am proud to say that I've recently been involved in OER curation and development in a way very similar to what I proposed in the business case I created for DEPM 622, The Business of Distance Education and E-Learning. On the other hand, many of the faculty development ideas I have been working on remain on my computer and in my head.

Now that I am nearly finished with this program, I am turning my thoughts to implementation. I have ideas that I believe in, and I am ready to make more of them happen. I will need to draw on, not only my learning about distance education, but also the leadership and management skills that I have been developing. I'm looking forward to it!

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